Our Team

ANet Consulting & Energy have worked on world-class projects.  We are a  small-firm that create huge impacts.  Our consultant teams includes professionals that are the top in their respective domains, with diverse skillsets needed to solve any problem. No issue is too big or too small. 

Management Team
The management team is led by Partners David A.L. Smith and Bruce L Park who have worked  together since 1988.  ANet Consulting, Inc. was founded by Mr. Bruce Park in 1997, and has been successful in complex and critical project planning and management for governmental and other large entities in the areas of strategic planning and financial analysis, resource allocation for maximum performance, critical work process and risk analysis, establishing plans and processes for
business continuity operations, and technology integration.

ANet has a select group of technical, management and business consultants and other resources to manage and execute its projects. Most of these resources are exclusive to ANet.  Some of them include:

• Recently retired VP of the US Export-Import Bank who has extensive contacts in both US
and foreign governments, financial institutions, and businesses.

• Recently retired top level project manager for Space Command, responsible for
requirements definition, contracting, contract management and completion of all ground
facilities and assets, including roads, runways, living facilities, satellite uplinks-downlinks,
communications and computing facilities.

• Attorney and former worldwide Sr. VP of Compliance for Bank of America, who is an
expert in all aspects of international and legal financial organization and transactions.

• US and international tax director who was also the past president of the Bay Area Tax
Directors association (Silicon Valley). Setup and manages international financial
operations for multi-billion dollar companies.

• Company that specializes in utility analysis and billing, who provides all levels of services
from software licensing to managing utility accounting for power distributors, dealers and
private corporations.

• Exclusive agreement with Eco-Gen for implementing cutting edge technology systems
that generate clean green electrical power for 10 countries.

• Network Innovations that provides satellite communications capability and custom
systems for companies and governments, including US DoD.


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