ANET provides Project Management and Renewable Energy Consulting Services for renewable
energy projects worldwide.

Mr. Park and Mr. Smith developed utility audit process to decrease client's energy and utility
costs. ANet also provided options to reduce dependence on energy market price fluctuations,
as well as business continuity, contingency plans, and solutions for power disruptions.
Performed financial analysis for self-generation of any type, including solar PV, wind, cogen/
CHP, bio-gas, as well as working closely with client to secure financing for selected

• Created extensive financial modeling, 10-year cash flows and pro-forma for energy
projects and power purchase agreements.

• Collaborated with major clients, such as Federal Express, Cities in Florida, Whole Foods,
and University of Tennessee Medical Center.

With developing and ongoing relationships with some of the world’s leading renewable energy
companies such as Eco-Gen, Brightsource Energy, Suniva and Vestas Wind Systems, ANet strives to stay abreast and ahead of the newest renewable energy technologies and to implement them cost effectively in both Europe, Africa and Asia.

One of our opportunities is to utilize best market financing such as the US Export-Import Bank to
make large renewable energy systems more cost effective and efficient around the world.

With capital funding costs outside the US in the range of 10-20%, ANET can bring US
Government funding to projects that is half that amount and then add to the success of the
implementation of these projects by professional project management services and products.

The Market

ANet is now focused on Infrastruce Project Management and Clean, Green, Renewable Energy
Projects, financial and trading opportunities.  According to a recent Bloomberg Study, 70% of
new global power capacity added thru 2030 will be renewable.


ANET recognizes that there is always risk associated with these large projects but we go the
extra mile to minimize these risks thru the use of 2% Risk Insurance offered by EXIM Bank and
other large financial groups.

Relationship with the US Export-Import Bank

ANET has recently been awarded four Letters of Interest (LI’s) for Loan Guarantees from the
US Export-Import Bank for $900,000,000 worth of infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, South
Korea, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, in our Joint Venture relationship with GDIH-Asia,
we have received additional funding for JV Projects that we will be doing worldwide, including a
100 MW carbon free, base load power plant for Gwagwalada, Nigeria.

Relationships with world-class national banks such as the US Export-Import Bank demonstrates
in real terms the integrity and capability of ANET Consulting, Inc. and ANET Energy LLC.  ANET
brings this level of trust and integrity to every project it is involved in, both in the US and