Green  Energy Fund Executive Summary

Management Team

The management team is led by Partners Mark Henderson, David A.L. Smith and Bruce L Park.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Park have worked together since 1988.

ANet Consulting, Inc. was founded by Mr. Bruce Park in 1997, and has been successful in complex and critical project planning and management for governmental and other large entities in the areas of strategic planning and financial analysis, resource allocation for maximum performance, critical work process and risk analysis, establishing plans and processes for business continuity operations, and technology integration.

ANet has a select group of technical, management and business consultants and other resources to manage and execute its projects.  Most of these resources are exclusive to ANet.  Some of them include:

  • Recently retired VP of the US Export-Import Bank who has extensive contacts in both US and foreign governments, financial institutions, and businesses. 
  • Recently retired top level project manager for Space Command, responsible for requirements definition, contracting, contract management and completion of all ground facilities and assets, including roads, runways, living facilities, satellite uplinks-downlinks, communications and computing facilities.
  • Attorney and former worldwide Sr. VP of Compliance for Bank of America, who is an expert in all aspects of international and legal financial organization and transactions. 
  • US and international tax director who was also the past president of the Bay Area Tax Directors association (Silicon Valley).  Setup and manages international financial operations for multi-billion dollar companies.
  • Company that specializes in utility analysis and billing, who provides all levels of services from software licensing to managing utility accounting for power distributors, dealers and private corporations.
  • Exclusive agreement with Eco-Gen for implementing cutting edge technology systems that generate clean green electrical power for 10 countries.
  • Network Innovations that provides satellite communications capability and custom systems for companies and governments, including US DoD.

Business Consulting and Operations Management

Mr. Park created a Y2K manual and workbook specifically addressing the complex issues facing airports and other governmental entities with their myriad of systems.  The manual was adopted by the FAA and ANet conducted training for FAA inspectors which was used to evaluate Y2K compliance for all US airports.  ANet established, managed and operated the Y2K offices for numerous entities, including Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Port of Seattle, Detroit-Wayne County International Airport, San Jose International Airport, El Paso International Airport, Birmingham Airport, Wayne County Michigan, Northwest Airlines Detroit facilities, and the Ports of Puerto Rico (all airports and sea ports).  Additionally ANet conducted many training courses for the hub and feeder airports for Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines.

From 1988 to 1994, Mr. Park was the Senior Vice President of Geac Computers with P&L responsibility for operations and profit and loss accountability for at least $30 million in revenues every year at 40%+ gross margins.  The library division had offices in six countries with over 250 staff.  Mr. Park was the defcto Product Manager, directed 6 international development teams, marketing, RFP preparation, vendor and client negotiations, contract management, client consulting, customer installations and implementations, and 24/7 call center for technical and customer support.

  • Performed preliminary technical and marketing analysis, evaluation and recommendations on companies for corporate acquisition.
  • Managing the largest division, Mr. Park helped to increase the publically traded shares from $1.00 to over $15.00, and eventually to over $40/share.
  • Litigation Technical Expert Consultant (1992-1994).  Collaborated on litigation between Geac Computers and major computer hardware manufacturer.  Worked closely with principal attorneys in crafting case, helped prepare for and participated in 30 depositions.  Arranged for additional technical expert consultants and reviewed all documents including pleadings, discovery, motions, and document requests for technical accuracy and completeness.  Geac received a favorable settlement for $3 million.

ANet was tapped by the Verizon Wireless national call center to complete a total business re-engineering within seven months.  ANet staff consulted on human performance, employee productivity improvement, and business reengineering, improved employee retention, reduced training time, increased competency, and redefined performance metrics.  ANet also redefined and rewrote operating procedures for call center employee functions and user training documentation.

  • Saved Verizon $3,700,000 in first year and $3,000,000 for each of following two years.

Energy & Business Development

ANET provides Project Management and Renewable Energy Consulting Services for renewable energy projects worldwide.

Mr. Park and Mr. Smith developed utility audit process to decrease client's energy and utility costs.  ANet also provided options to reduce dependence on energy market price fluctuations, as well as business continuity, contingency plans, and solutions for power disruptions.  Performed financial analysis for self-generation of any type, including solar PV, wind, co-gen/CHP, bio-gas, as well as working closely with client to secure financing for selected projects. 

  • Created extensive financial modeling, 10-year cash flows and pro-forma for energy projects and power purchase agreements.
  • Collaborated with major clients, such as Federal Express, Cities in Florida, Whole Foods, and University of Tennessee Medical Center.

With developing and ongoing relationships with some of the world’s leading renewable energy companies such as Eco-Gen, Brightsource Energy, Suniva and Vestas Wind Systems, ANet strives to stay abreast and ahead of the newest renewable energy technologies and to implement them cost effectively in both Europe, Africa and Asia.

One of our opportunities is to utilize best market financing such as the US Export-Import Bank to make large renewable energy systems more cost effective and efficient around the world.

With capital funding costs outside the US in the range of 10-20%, ANET can bring US Government funding to projects that is half that amount and then add to the success of the implementation of these projects by professional project management services and products.

The Market

ANet is now focused on Clean, Green, Renewable Energy Projects, financial and trading opportunities.  According to a recent Bloomberg Study, 70% of new global power capacity added thru 2030 will be renewable.


ANET recognizes that there is always risk associated with these large projects but we go the extra mile to minimize these risks thru the use of 2% Risk Insurance offered by EXIM Bank and other large financial groups.